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Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET)

Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology

The WOSET workshop aims to galvanize the open-source EDA movement. The workshop will bring together EDA researchers who are committed to open-source principles to share their experiences and coordinate efforts towards developing a reliable, fully open-source EDA flow. The workshop will feature presentations and posters that overview existing or under-development open-source tools, designs and technology libraries. A live demo session for tools in advanced state will be planned. The workshop will feature a panel on the present status and future challenges in open-source EDA, and how to coordinate efforts and ensure quality and interoperability across open-source tools. A cash award will be given for a Best Tool Award.

WOSET 2020

Co-located with ICCAD 2020, November 5.


Please register for WOSET at: WOSET Registration (part of ICCAD) There is no registration cost to attend, you do NOT need to pay to register for ICCAD!


The 2020 WOSET paper proceedings are available at WOSET 2020


The 2020 WOSET Q&A schedule is at WOSET Schedule.

Video talks are now available.

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