Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET)

WOSET 2018

For inquiries, please contact Sherief Reda (sherief_reda@brown.edu)

Agenda for the day

To cite an article, please use this format:
(author names here), “(article title here)”, Article No. (article number here), Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET), 2018.

Article 1: LGraph: A multilanguage open-source database.
Rafael Trapani Possignolo, Sheng Hong Wang, Haven Skinner and Jose Renau

Article 2: OpenPiton: An Emerging Standard for Open-Source EDA Tool Development.
Jonathan Balkind, Alexey Lavrov, Michael McKeown, Yaosheng Fu, Tri Nguyen, Mohammad Shahrad, Ang Li, Katie Lim, Yanqi Zhou, Ting-Jung Chang, Paul Jackson, Adi Fuchs, Samuel Payne, Xiaohua Liang, Matthew Matl and David Wentzlaff

Article 3: Cpp-Taskflow: Fast Parallel Programming with Task Dependency Graphs.
Chun-Xun Lin, Tsung-Wei Huang, Guannan Guo and Martin Wong

Article 4: DATC RDF: An Open Design Flow from Logic Synthesis to Detailed Routing.
Jinwook Jung, Iris Hui-Ru Jiang, Jianli Chen, Shih-Ting Lin, Yih-Lang Li, Victor N. Kravets and Gi-Joon Nam

Article 5: Rsyn - A Physical Synthesis Framework for Research and Education.
Mateus Fogaça, Jucemar Monteiro, Marcelo Johann and Ricardo Reis

Article 6: N/A.

Article 7: Parallel Tools for Asynchronous VLSI Systems.
Yi-Shan Lu, Samira Ataei, Jiayuan He, Wenmian Hua, Sepideh Maleki, Yihang Yang, Martin Burtscher, Keshav Pingali and Rajit Manohar

Article 8: ARL:UT’s Experiences in the Free Open-Source VLSI EDA Landscape.
Russell Friesenhahn and Johnathan York

Article 9: How to Make Open-Source EDA Project Sustainable: a Perspective from Industry.
Frank Liu

Article 10: SystemVerilog Productivity Tools.
David Fang

Article 11: Invoking and Linking Generators from Multiple Hardware Languages using CoreIR.
Ross Daly, Leonard Truong and Pat Hanrahan

Article 12: Open-source SoC Workflow in Cloud V.
Sherief Reda and Mohamed Shalan

Article 13: An Open-Source Python-based Hardware Generation, Simulation, and Verification Framework.
Shunning Jiang, Christopher Torng and Christopher Batten

Article 14: An Open Source Code Base for Digital Circuit Analysis, Simulation, and Modification.
Spencer Millican

Article 15: Xyce: Open Source Simulation for Large-Scale Circuits.
Jason Verley, Eric Keiter and Heidi Thornquist

Article 16: System-on-chip Scheduling Benchmarks for New Technologies.
Spencer Millican and Kewal Saluja

Article 17: The EPFL Logic Synthesis Libraries.
Mathias Soeken, Heinz Riener, Winston Haaswijk, Eleonora Testa and Giovanni De Micheli

Article 18: Hierarchical Asynchronous Circuit Kompiler Toolkit.
David Fang

Article 19: RISC: Recoding Infrastructure for SystemC, Open Source Framework for Parallel Simulation (N/A for download).
Rainer Doemer, Zhongqi Cheng, Daniel Mendoza and Ajit Dingankar

Article 20: An EDA Tool for Co-designing High-Performance Processors and Emerging Cooling Technologies.
Zihao Yuan, Geoffrey Vaartstra, Prachi Shukla, Mostafa Said, Sherief Reda, Evelyn Wang and Ayse Kivilcim Coskun

Article 21: METRICS 2.0: A Machine-Learning Based Optimization System for IC Design.
Soheil Hashemi, Andrew B. Kahng, Sherief Reda and Mingyu Woo

Article 22: TESTCAD: A Verified Education Toolset for a Course in Digital Testing.
Spencer Millican and Kewal Saluja

Article 23: OpenTimer 2.0: A High-performance Timing Analysis Tool for VLSI Systems.
Tsung-Wei Huang, Chun-Xun Lin and Martin Wong

Article 24: Low-Power Design with Open-Source Hardware: Opportunities and Challenges.
Vaibhav Verma, Xinfei Guo and Mircea Stan

Article 25: Ophidian: an Open-Source Library for Physical Design Research and Teaching.
Renan Netto, Tiago Augusto Fontana, Sheiny Fabre, Bernardo Ferrari, Vinicius Livramento, Thiago Barbato, João Souto, Chrystian Guth, Laércio Pilla and José Luís Güntzel

Article 26: OpenMPL: An Open Source Layout Decomposer.
Qi Sun, Yibo Lin, Iris Hui-Ru Jiang, Bei Yu and David Z. Pan

Article 27: Hammer: Enabling Reusable Physical Design.
Edward Wang, Adam Izraelevitz, Colin Schmidt, Borivoje Nikolić, Elad Alon and Jonathan Bachrach