Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET)

WOSET 2019

For inquiries, please contact Sherief Reda (sherief_reda@brown.edu)

Agenda for the day

To cite an article, please use this format:
(author names here), “(article title here)”, Article No. (article number here), Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET), 2019.

Key Note Presentation: The New Golden Age of Open Silicon. Tim Edwards

Article 1: Generic Logic Synthesis meets RTL Synthesis.
Tool: https://github.com/lsils/lstools-showcase
Heinz Riener, Mathias Soeken, Eleonora Testa and Giovanni De Micheli

Article 2: Skeletor Connector Language: Hierarchy Specification to HDL development made easy. Tool: https://github.com/jaquerinte/Skeletor
Ivan Rodriguez-Ferrandez, Guillem Cabo, Javier Barrera, Jeremy Giesen, Alvaro Jover-Alvarez and Leonidas Kosmidis

Article 3: LNAST: A Language Neutral Intermediate Representation for Hardware Description Languages.
Sheng-Hong Wang, Akash Sridhar and Jose Renau

Article 4: RTLog Framework: Yet another open HDL and compiler, this time for Relative-Timing design. Tool: https://github.com/VLSI-UTN-FRBA/RTLog
Roberto Simone, Pablo D’Angelo, Ian Sztenberg, Francisco Javier Badenas, Francisco Dominguez, Agustin Ortiz, Guillermo Makar and Roberto Suaya

Article 5: Approximate Logic Synthesis Using BLASYS.
Tool: https://github.com/scale-lab/BLASYS
Jingxiao Ma, Soheil Hashemi and Sherief Reda

Article 6: OpenROAD OpenDB Database Abstract.
Tool: https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/OpenDB
Tom Spyrou

Article 7: LGraph: A Unified Data Model and API for Productive Open-Source Hardware Design.
Tool: https://github.com/masc-ucsc/livehd
Sheng-Hong Wang, Rafael Trapani Possignolo, Qian Chen, Rohan Ganpati and Jose Renau

Article 8: A unified memory compiler for synchronous and asynchronous circuits.
Tool: https://github.com/asyncvlsi/AMC
Samira Ataei and Rajit Manohar

Article 9: A Grid-based Technology-Independent Analog Cell Generator.
Arvind K. Sharma, Meghna Madhusudan, Kishor Kunal, Wenbin Xu, Yaguang Li, Tonmoy Dhar, Jitesh Poojary, Vidya A. Chhabria, Steven M. Burns, Parijat Mukherjee, Desmond A. Kirkpatrick, Jiang Hu, Ramesh Harjani and Sachin S. Sapatnekar

Article 10: EvoApproxLib: Extended Library of Approximate Arithmetic Circuits.
Tool: https://ehw.fit.vutbr.cz/evoapproxlib/
Vojtech Mrazek, Zdenek Vasicek and Lukas Sekanina

Article 11: Latest Developments in the Xyce Large-Scale Analog Circuit Simulator.
Tool: https://xyce.sandia.gov
Jason Verley, Eric R. Keiter and Heidi Thornquist

Article 12: A Machine Learning Based Parasitic Extraction Tool.
Geraldo Pradipta, Vidya A. Chhabria and Sachin S. Sapatnekar

Article 13: Fault, an Open Source DFT Toolchain.
Tool: https://github.com/Cloud-V/Fault
Mohamed Gaber, Manar Abdelatty and Mohamed Shalan

Article 14: Puffery: An Open-Source Benchmark Tool for PUFs.
Hunter Nichols and Matthew Guthaus

Article 15: TherMOS: A Thermal model for analyzing self-heating in advanced MOSFETs. Tool: https://github.com/VidyaChhabria/TherMOS
Vidya A. Chhabria, Arvind K. Sharma, Meghna G. Mankalale, and Sachin S. Sapatnekar

Article 16: An open road knows no borders: The contributions of UFRGS-UCSD partnership to the OpenROAD project.
Vitor Bandeira, Mateus Fogaça, Jiajia Li, Eder Matheus Monteiro, Isadora Oliveira, Ricardo Reis and Mingyu Woo

Article 17: OpeNPDN: Neural Networks for Automated Power Delivery Network Synthesis.
Tool: https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/OpeNPDN
Vidya Chhabria, Andrew Kahng, Minsoo Kim, Uday Mallappa, Sachin Sapatnekar and Bangqi Xu

Article 18: OGRE: Open-Source Global Router.
Tool: https://github.com/Cloud-V/OGRE
Habiba Gamal, Ali El-Said, Fady Mohamed and Mohamed Shalan

Article 19: Toward a digital flow for asynchronous VLSI systems.
Tool: http://github.com/asyncvlsi/act
Samira Ataei, Yi-Shan Lu, Jiayuan He, Wenmian Hua, Sepideh Maleki, Yihang Yang, Rajit Manohar and Keshav Pingali